About Tori

Tori is the resident artist at Burro Farm Studio. Where I have the pleasure of having my studio adjacent to my donkeys. Always in my view from my studio windows or doors. My interest is to meld a little education about the burros/donkeys that live here on my property and the work in the studio. They are my daily life just as my art is my daily practice.

During the warmer months while the donkeys are in the pasture I enjoy seeing folks who walk, drive, ride past and stop for a short visit. Some times this involves a brief conversation and perhaps an introduction for those passing by to meet, or to learn about the donks. Children can be heard squealing in delight and  screaming "Donkeys" as they make an approach. "The boys" are a pretty sociable crew for which I'm pleased to be a part of their life on a daily basis.

Occationally I will create pieces of art to sell from this site that involves farm life in this little valley with these guys.

Primarily, I will continue work on my body of work that is both conceptual in nature and abstract in form. I work with encaustics, mixed media on panel and  encaustic monotypes on paper.

Occationally I return to acrylic on canvas and I have a special sheet metal sculpture project that I have long wanted to return to for more thorough works, and now it is time for that as well.

I intend to post completed works on this website and process photos and brief videos to Instagram. Of course these videos will also involve my farm life and the donkeys! Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy the process with me as I continue on this journey here at Burro Farm Studio.